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Leather & Vinyl Restoration. We offer the best in leather and vinyl restoration. Our certified technicians are completely mobile and come to you. We provide onsite service that fits your schedule, and our repairs, cleaning or color restoration can be done either at your home or work.

Hard Plastics We also provide repair and re-dye services to hard plastics. It’s a common issue in vehicles these days for the dash or door moldings to crack or become faded with time. It is also common to get dings, dents or holes in your bumpers or mirrors. We are able to repair plastic material at significant savings to replacement.

Carpets We install or replace heel pads in every type of vehicle. Some vehicles come with heel pads to protect the carpet; some do not. Heel pads can dramatically extend the life of your vehicles carpet and are very important especially in vehicles driven during winter. The salt and dirt have a dramatic affect on your vehicle’s carpet.

Paint Touchups In Alberta, it is common to have rock chips, scratches, holes and dints in our vehicle paint. Our professional technicians can repair the chips and match the colour of your vehicle.



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